The World Needs Your Kindness and Mine to Become Better for All

Christiana Jolaoso
4 min readJun 4, 2022


“Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.” — Desmond Tutu.

Remember a time when someone was kind to you?

Now, think of when you did something good for someone else and how happy it made both of you — that warm feeling of satisfaction that lodged in your heart and refused to go away.

You made someone happy and lifted their spirit.

Guess what!

That should be every day. There’s a saying, ‘Love makes the world go around.’ Kindness does the same thing. And yes, we can use these words interchangeably.

Why’s that?

An act of kindness is one of love. Doing good comes from a place of love, and he who has received kindness knows what it means to be loved. But it should not stop there.

You should share that love — There’s enough to go around.

Why Does the World Need Your Kindness and Mine?

We live in a fast-paced world. Everyone pursues the next big thing. And nobody takes time to care for the other. The world has become so chaotic and overwhelming that it has left many struggling both mentally and physically.

Not only are we plagued with natural disasters, wars, famine, and economic crises all over, we now face a pandemic wreaking havoc on humans.

And what better way to help people deal with their problems than showing a little kindness?

The best part…

It costs little or nothing to be kind. It’s the little things we do for others that leave imprints in their hearts.

Everyone you meet is either struggling with something or seeking a better life. Choose to make life easier for them by spreading a cheer wherever you go. Bring a smile to whoever you meet.

Dolly Parton’s Show a little love and kindness lyrics– “…you’ve got to try a little kindness, show little kindness, shine your light for everyone to see…”

All it takes to make the world a better place ? Kindness!

Kindness is a fundamental part of human existence. It is what we need to survive in today’s world. Technology, science, and art are good. But in the end, kindness is the spark we need to make the world a better place.

We’ve heard stories of people whose lives changed for the better by a simple kind act — even from strangers! Often, these people, in turn, pay it forward to the society by being kind to others.

Look at this…

If everyone of us cultivates the habit of being kind at all times, we will be able to change the world into a place. Where everyone is loved, appreciated, and happy.

How Can You Show Kindness to Those Around You?

There are several ways to show kindness. It can be by providing a need, helping out with a task, or even staying with someone. Sometimes, you don’t need to give money or other tangible materials to solve a problem.

A little action is enough to make the difference.

You can be kind by being more accommodating to people. In a world where almost everyone tries to gain acceptance in society, it will make so much difference to those around you when you accept and treat them kindly.

Just as you are unique in your way, others are unique, too.

When we choose to put differences aside, become less judgmental and critical of others, we display kindness. And that’s what the world needs to become better. A place to thrive.

Here’s something…

Jeers at someone because of their size may cause them to grow with a low self-esteem in them. They start avoiding the spotlight. But a simple compliment can change all of that. Appreciating the good qualities in others makes them come out of their shell. And they work on achieving greatness- from the potentials within highlighted by sometimes, a simple ‘you look great!

Make it a point of duty to pay compliments to those around you, even random strangers. Help a colleague with a task, visit a sick neighbor at the hospital.

These and more may not mean much to you. But they are everything to the next person.

And yes, refrain from using bad words.

Where you have the resources at your disposal, give to the needy.

Look around you, and you will find so many people who have less than what you have. Make it a habit to give as much as you can, and as often as possible.

By so doing, you become the happiest person around. While giving someone else a happier life!


Every act of kindness comes back. Maybe not in the way we imagined, but it always returns to the giver.

Imagine what the world would be like if we showed love and compassion to each other. Many of the problems today would disappear. The best thing to do for society is to show kindness and teach others to do the same. Drops of water make an ocean, so do little acts of kindness — They change the world.



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