How to Develop the Culture of Kindness in the Workplace

Christiana Jolaoso
4 min readAug 6, 2022


An organization is different not only by its services but ethics, beliefs, and culture, and an organization’s culture is the core of its business and the determinant of its success. This set of beliefs, values, traditions, and ethics is what we’ll call work culture. And the drivers are the leaders who organize the ideas and purpose of an organization. But without the employees, these ideas will not blossom.

Leaders are to spearhead the cultivation of healthy workplace culture. When you create a culture in your organization, you are steering your organization towards growth.

What’s more…

Creating a culture will help your organization bring out the best in employees.

Often, leaders of organizations are excited to kick start the organization. With some capital, they get an office space, advertise job vacancies, decide on the best employees, and start up the day–to–day running. But they soon realize that things are not going as planned. The resources they have — both human and material are not yielding results.

How’s that?

There’s no work culture. They realize that they have jumped the gun. The foundational structure was not put in place, hence the failure.

Now, that’s a good time to return to the drawing table, brainstorm, and strategize.

Why Is Kindness a Necessary Culture in The Workplace?

  • It will enhance team spirit and growth.
  • Employees will find it easier to air their views and opinions without inhibition.
  • There will be an increase in individual and organizational productivity.

How to Create A Culture of Kindness in The Workplace

Creating a work culture is good, and developing a culture of kindness in the workplace is better. It is a necessary tool for achieving more.

The best part?

You can create it. And here’s how to create a kind culture that will transform your organization.

Start a Kindness Campaign

To bring kindness into your system, organize a kindness campaign. Employers are beginning to see the need to embrace a kind culture in the workplace.

Your employees need to know the benefit of a kind work culture. As a leader, you cannot achieve a successful initiation of kindness by imposing it. People have to understand the need to be kind in the workplace.


Teach team members kindness. Let them make it a personal way of life. Encourage them to choose kindness in their everyday interactions — at home, in the grocery store, while driving, etc.

Start a kindness campaign. Publicize the value of compassion & kindness. Explain its benefits. Show everyone how to make the workplace a better environment for all. Do this by being kind yourself.

Initiatives like #MyActofKindnessToday and #Here’sWhatIDidDuringWork can help. Involve your HR to come up with beautiful daily prompts.

Encourage Teambuilding, not Competition

As much as you’ll want to get good results, be wary of instigating your employees against each other. Try grouping them into small teams. It will most likely reduce an unhealthily competitive environment.

Aside from their assigned job positions or roles, you may need to study your employees to know their strengths and weaknesses. Let people with different areas of strength be fused into each team. It will inculcate the spirit of collaborating for success.

Also, create team bonding days. It will help workers to know each other more.

And if a worker is not performing to your expectation, as a leader, show some care. Find out what the problem is. They may be going through a mental health crisis.

In a nutshell, leadership should be focused on cultivating a healthy work system. It does foster kindness.

Give Back to The Community

Organizations can create an avenue for community development. There can be corporate-sponsored volunteer days when everyone gives back to the environment.

Guess what?

TOMS, a shoemaking organization, gives a pair of shoes to the needy for every pair you get.

When an organization gives back to society, it influences changes. You can campaign against social injustice towards children or women.

The focus isn’t only on the growth of your organization. So internal and external corporate acts of kindness should embody the organization’s values.

Appoint Valuable Leaders to Take Charge

Topnotch leadership is necessary for developing a workplace characterized by ambiance and kindness.

Employees often reflect the character of those in leadership. Leadership is about showing the way, so leaders should embody these values.

Do not assess team leaders by performance alone but by how they treat their colleagues. So, focus on developing strong leaders who will embody your organization’s vision of kindness.


The culture of kindness is vital to the growth of your organization and society. So, find ways of making kindness a habit.

With kindness as your priority, you’re easily growing your organization and doing a service to humanity.



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