Be At Peace With Yourself

Christiana Jolaoso
3 min readJun 11, 2022


When there’s peace within you, you can thrive, regardless of the situation around you or what life throws at you. This intrapersonal kind of peace will help you relate with others in peace and harmony. Most people get agitated and act violently because they are at war with themselves — they lack inner peace.
So to build global peace, start with yourself.

What Is Self Peace?

Self peace is the state of mental tranquillity in the face of external stressors. It entails removing stress and unpleasant thoughts from your mind, putting you in a serene and calm state of mind.

When you’re at peace, it doesn’t mean that your life is free of problems. But it points to freedom and the ability to move on. The milk is spilled; why not clean it up and find more?

When you’re at peace, you’re helping yourself and society. Everyone you relate with will be affected and even influenced. Here’s what self peace does:

* It reduces distracting thoughts, thereby improving focus and productivity. This state of mind will help you to achieve your desired goals.

*It helps you to be more patient with others. You’ll interact with them with more understanding and get more out of relationships.

*It minimizes stress and ensures better sleep, which enhances productivity.

*You’ll enjoy happy moments more.

How Can You Stay at Peace with Yourself?

Staying at peace doesn’t jump at you. It’s a daily process and requires deliberate efforts that become your second nature sooner than later. Here are a few things you can begin to pay attention to:

Be responsible

Being responsible for your actions requires maturity, but it will help you grow when you admit your mistakes, learn from criticisms, and make necessary improvements.

Love yourself

Self-love is a significant start to staying peaceful. Learn to feel good about yourself. You can’t show love and care for others when you don’t do the same for yourself.

Stay grateful

Be grateful for the things you have instead of worrying about those that are yet to arrive. Look around you; there’s so much to be grateful for.

Let go

Your past mistakes do not define you: No one ever reached heights without tripping. While you’re not to be careless to make mistakes, when mistakes happen, learn from them to become better. Let go of past errors, and forgive yourself.

Declutter and be organized

Cleaning and organizing your schedule and environment positively affects the mind. You’ll feel less upset and calm enough to be productive. When you’re less overwhelmed with an organized schedule and clean environment, you’ll feel some level of peace.

Don’t lose hope

You have to accept that there are challenges in life. There would be ups and downs. So when going through a downtime, remember that things will become better.


It’s Time to Stay at Peace with Yourself. Building global peace is not a day’s journey; neither is it something that one party can play alone. It starts from you, which requires that you are at peace with yourself. There won’t be peace amongst groups or nations without this intrapersonal peace. So, let’s work on you first.



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